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What is Street Photography?

Street photography is a genre of photography in which people are photographed in public places such as streets, parks, and subway stations without being aware of it. You'll get some fine street photography tips!

Hashtag Athens | Gay Travel
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Athens is a vibrant and diverse city with various neighbourhoods and locations suitable for street photography. While there isn’t a specific “gay” area for photography, there are several spots frequented by the LGBTQ+ community and known for their unique character, charm, and lively atmosphere. These locations can offer excellent opportunities for stunning street photography.

Gazi District: Gazi is a popular area known for its lively nightlife, trendy bars, and clubs. Many of these venues cater to the LGBTQ+ community. The area’s colourful streets, street art, and industrial architecture provide interesting backdrops for street photography.

Monastiraki and Psiri: These historic neighbourhoods offer a mix of ancient sites, vibrant markets, and traditional architecture. The narrow streets and lively atmosphere, combined with the city’s diverse population, make for great street photography opportunities.

Plaka: As the oldest district of Athens, Plaka is a picturesque neighbourhood with narrow streets, colourful houses, and small squares. The area’s unique charm and traditional atmosphere make it a popular spot for capturing street life.

Exarcheia: Known for its edgy atmosphere, Exarcheia is a bohemian district with a strong counterculture presence. This area is famous for its street art, alternative cafes, and bookshops, offering plenty of opportunities to capture unique and interesting street scenes.

St. Irene Square (Agia Irini Square): This central square is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike, and it’s surrounded by trendy cafes and bars. With its diverse crowd and lively atmosphere, the square can be an excellent spot for street photography.

Anafiotika: this is a charming and picturesque neighbourhood located on the northern slopes of the Acropolis, nestled within the Plaka district. This hidden gem in Athens is known for its unique Cycladic-style architecture, as it was built by masons from the island of Anafi in the 19th century. The narrow, winding streets, whitewashed houses, and blue-painted doors and windows are reminiscent of the Greek islands, making it a perfect location for stunning street photography at the blue hour.

As you explore Anafiotika, you’ll find beautiful flowers, colourful street art, and quaint little cafes, creating an enchanting and tranquil atmosphere in the heart of the city. The neighbourhood is less crowded than the main tourist areas, so you can take your time to capture authentic and intimate street scenes.

Anafiotika has its unique charm, beauty, and serene atmosphere make it an excellent destination for any street photographer seeking captivating images of Athens. And this area is very suitable for model shoots. I recommend taking a flash and/or a reflector with you.

Remember, when taking street photography, always be respectful of people’s privacy and personal space.

Refocus your attention

About Street Photography

Street photography at its essence means candid photography of people and humanity. A street photograph must be a real, unposed moment. However, the term itself is inherently unclear and clunky. For instance, a person does not have to be in a photo for it to be considered a street photograph.

Trying to define street photography is almost like trying to define what sweet or salty is. You can’t fully describe it, but you know it when you see it. Street photographers are observers, flâneurs by nature. It is a way of connecting with the world and bringing back the moments that stand out. It can be likened to a visual form of poetry – while beauty and form are important aspects of street photography, great street photographs often have something going on beneath the surface.

How to do street photography.

The first step is to push through the fear, to improve your hand-eye coordination, and to get the general tips down both technically and in how you carry yourself. The next step is to figure out what makes an interesting photograph and to develop your voice.

Use your eyes!

This may seem like such a simple tip, but it’s not. So many photographers that I have taught seem glued to their cameras the entire time, and that can stop you from noticing your surroundings. When done well, it almost feels like the camera isn’t even there.



Hashtag Athens | Gay Travel
Hashtag Athens | Estefano Onatrac
Hashtag Athens | Estefano Onatrac
Hashtag Athens | Estefano Onatrac
Hashtag Athens | Gay Travel

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Hashtag Athens | Estefano Onatrac
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Hashtag Athens | Gay Travel
Hashtag Athens | Street Photography
Hashtag Athens | Street Photography
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