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Athens is a welcoming city with various LGBTQ+-friendly spots to explore. Here are some popular places to consider visiting:

Travel Photographer | Estefano Onatrac
Gay Guide Athens | Travel Photography Estefano Onatrac
This year, the Pride took place during the week of 4 to 10 June.
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A Little About... where to go?!

Gazi District: This is the heart of Athens' gay scene, where you'll find a high concentration of gay bars, clubs, and cafes. Notable spots include Sodade2, Big Bar, Roosters, Shamone Club and for example Café des Sol, this a nice location to start your day with a coffee or to finish with a delicious cocktail. 

St. Irene Square: Located in the Monastiraki area, St. Irene Square has several LGBTQ+-friendly bars and cafes, such as Noiz Club.

Exarcheia: A vibrant and bohemian neighborhood in Athens, well-known for its political activism, street art, and lively cultural scene. While Exarcheia is not specifically known for its gay scene, it is an inclusive and open-minded area that welcomes people from all walks of life.
The neighborhood is home to numerous bars, cafes, and restaurants that attract a diverse and creative crowd. 
The atmosphere in this neighbourhood really appeals to me and you will find a nice diverse crowd here. An absolute, personal, recommendation is Tanini Agapi Mou (Tannins is my love). A nice vinotheca or wine bar. You sit, always, outside, besides inside in the cellar, it is less exciting to enjoy your wine. The wine list is large in size, but you geta a ruler so you can easily read each line. Fine wines are offerered, so definitely worth a visit.

celebration equality

Athens Pride | 23 A colorful mosaic of our reality and the ongoing need for LGBTQI+ claims

Although Greece has made significant strides in LGBTQ+ rights over the years, the community still faces challenges and difficulties. These challenges make events like Athens Pride even more important, as they provide a platform for awareness, acceptance, and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

One of the – LGBTQ+ – challenges Greece faces is same-sex marriage. For example, marriage is not recognised and adoption rights for same-sex couples are limited. Transgender people also face legal barriers, making it challenging for them to get their gender identity legally recognised.

During Pride last year, I volunteered to support the organizers. What struck me most was the detachment from politics of any colour. This is something that absolutely needs to change.

More than ever, Pride in Athens is so important.

Follow the Pride organisers’ website here!

Colours of Pride | Athens
Pride Parade | Athens
Person with Break the Binary Sign | Athens Pride